Tuesday, July 30, 2013

End of Month Views

I enjoy more the fragrance of this planting at night than the flowers in the daytime.

Fragrance comes from Brugmansia blooms, this
purple Datura and White Daturas at ground level.

Across the Driveway, a young white Natchez Crape Myrtle came
into bloom.  In sight at right is the collection below.

Under the shade of an old Red Cedar, White Begonias bloom 
in the company of Spider Plants, a Fern and a curved bench.

The near bed has new stones at the front. Muhly grass will commence
bloom next month; meanwhile Tithonia is the primary attraction.

Freely reseeds.

Pentas in all colors attract a 
variety of Swallowtails and others.

Pentas here are in the company of heirloom 
tomatoes on an improvised trellis. 
Mexican hats and yellow Lantana add to the mix.

Gulf Fritillaries enjoy yellow Lantana.
Frequent rains this month made grass lush.

I finally finished pruning Gardenias in this row of six. 

Smaller Brugs in the Upper Garden are blooming.
Joseph's Coat at the feet of this one will be red in fall.

Salmon sheen deserved the Stout Medal it won 
when I was in high school. 3rd rebloom here.

Hibiscus syriacus. We call it Althea, you might 
call it Rose of Sharon. I have a vase of rooted 
cuttings awaiting planting. Hummingbirds like it.

The views here are tremendous when He-who-mows can 
keep ahead of the grass. It's like a park after all the rain. 
The ruts in the field road have almost filled in.

Was July a rainy month for you? 


  1. What beautiful trumpets...I have been seeing them bloom around here..there are so many plants to experience...I love seeing new ones I haven't tried.

  2. Your Brugs are looking lovely. I particularly love the colours on your purple and white. The white Begonia, Spider Plants and Fern look fabulous together. Everything looks terrific after all the rain.

  3. I envy your Brugmansias - mine, from seed, are only 6" tall and starving... yes, July has been very rainy, unlike last year without a drop of rain. Cool weather too, highs in the 70s, very unlike a Michigan summer.

  4. I wish we got rain in summer! Actually, we had a few sprinkles in July, which amounts to a lot of rain by Southern California standards for the season. Sadly, it wasn't near enough to do anything about our long-term drought conditions, though.


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