Friday, July 19, 2013

Found Objects and Garden Art

Bonney Lassie showed Thrift Store glass used to make garden flowers in the garden of Linda and Jim Reeder, reminding me of the Totems we made some ten years ago of ceramic and glass vases and other containers.

I had to search inside the foliage of an Oakleaf Hydtrange to find the totems,
unscathed and still in place. 

Elsewhere Alison and Peter found Flamingos in a garden or a garden center, I forget. My Flamingos have graced the Upper Garden for nearly ten years, marking the spot where I expect to find Royal Standard Hostas every spring.

-- and there they are! Surrounded by Azaleas and Crocosmia foliage, with Hostas behind. They are faded but two of the pinwheels still work in a stiff breeze. I wish I'd bought a dozen.

My favorite Garden decoration is the brass Quail Faucet I had for years and 
years before it was rigged to drip into a bird bath.

There is a big metal gear buried in the soil of what used to be my Aquarium Bed. I noticed the hub of it the other day and meant to go back and dig it out. Alison and the Outlaw saw a swell metal garden sculpture the other day. Maybe I can persuade He-who-mows....


  1. I like your flamingos and the faucet. I have 'lots' of stuff to go through before taking to the scrap yard, and I know there are some yard art pieces there. :-)

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. That was a sweet little trip down Memory Lane, and I don't mean recent memories of my outings with Peter. Those flamingos are cool, love the little pinwheels inside them. Hmm...looking forward to seeing what you do with that big metal gear.

  3. It's great to re find yard art. Lots of mine is not visible in the summer but begins to emerge as the foliage fades away. That gear sounds way cool and I too look forward to seeing how you display it!

  4. The last picture is really stunning.
    I enjoy the arrangement very much.


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