Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From Cannas to Curcuma

Earlier in the day, I noticed how the various gingers have differing foliage. Then I noticed how Canna foliage glows in various lights.

Cannas just after a rain. Red Pentas in background.

Curcuma foliage up close

Variegated Alpinia foliage

Bird of Paradise leaf, left. Right top to bottom: Shell Ginger, Curcuma, 
Cardamon Ginger. Strappy foliage at far right is Hymenocallis.

Bengal Tiger Canna

A Foliage after Bloom Day post of some Tropical plants in the garden.

Another Foliage post on Dotty Plants Journal will display foliage plants that started out as cuttings or otherwise propagated plants from the greenhouse.


  1. What lovely foliage!

    Happy gardening in the summer ~ FlowerLady

  2. I am trying to appreciate foliage a lot. Last bloom day I would say only 25% of things were in bloom..but I have been giving things a break during the summer...

    I didn't ask before, do you grow annuals (in the ground vs. the greenhouse)?

  3. How I plant annuals depends on what annuals I am planting and the time of year.

    In the fall, I scratch back mulch and scatter Poppies, Larkspur and Silene where they are to grow in the spring. Mama always scattered Corn Poppy seed in any bed she planted bulbs.

    This fall I may plant Calendula and Sweet Pea seeds in the ground. Maybe.

    In late winter, I plant seeds in the greenhouse of annuals that would normally be bought in trays at a nursery for warm weather planting.


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