Monday, July 15, 2013

In the Front Garden July Bloom Day 2013

We've had rain showers every day for more than 20 days now. 'Lilacina' Crape Myrtles are blooming. Gulf Muhly grass in the near view awaits August. Tithonia is blooming, Duranta has not yet bloomed. Purple Swirl Daturas go in and out of bloom; Mexican Hats had to be cut back and Lantana montevidensis in this bed and the far Crape Myrtle is shy to bloom. The lawn is lush and green.

Tithonia just after a rain.
I saw a Gulf Fritillary, too quick for a pic.
Persian Shield and palest pink Pentas, a bit of Verbena on a Stick, Graptopetalum in the groove between two stones and Sedum Acre on the stone at left, all under Crape Myrtles.
Crocosmia in front of 'Kellogg's Breakfast'and
'Green Zebra' tomatoes I put in the rock wall bed.
'Salmon Sheen' Daylilies reblooming.
Purple Heart and Melampodium
White Pentas thrived this year. Butterflies visit them as often
as they do the bright colors in other areas of the garden.

A last look at Crape Myrtle before I hurried
inside ahead of the rain and gave up pics of
the Upper Garden and back yard.
Happy Bloom Day to all who are participating in Carol's Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. It has rained daily here as well. My roses have barely any leaves because of black spot..would love to spray but I think it would just wash off.

    Our forecast shows that the rain will not end in the foreseeable future. I am really not complaining..the temps are wonderful compared to last year...

    Oh, he who mows does a fabulous job.

  2. Looks like the rain has worked magic on everything there.

    My Mowing Man is currently mowing fields so that leaves me in charge of the two mowers for the yard....this is bread day so that will have to wait.

    I love your crape myrtles; I am still waiting for my two white ones to bloom.............

  3. I envy your crape myrtles and your rain. Happy GBBD, NellJean!

  4. Isn't crocosmia a fabulous flower? I wish I had some! I also love that salmon daylily. Beautiful photos.

  5. Your Crape Myrtles are wonderful! We had lots of rain here on Long Island last week and now it is in the 90's...too hot!!! Thank you for visiting my blog-glad to have found you!

  6. Your crocosmia are so pretty. I love them but they do not so well here for me. The Persian Shield is such a stand out in the garden. I need to remember them for next year. Well they do well in part shade?

  7. We do have plants in common, including the crocosmia. Your garden looks lovely this Bloom Day.

  8. Beautiful blooms!
    Lovely Crepe Myrtles! Our Crepe Myrtles are just beginning to open a few buds.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea's Menagerie

  9. We had this rain early in the spring. It will pass as it always does. Now we are in the heat of summer. Enjoy these bountiful blooms. They are lovely.

  10. Lovely! How I wish crepe myrtle grew in the northland.

  11. As gorgeous as your Crape Myrtles are...I can not wait for those Muhly grasses to bloom!!!

  12. Me too, Scott, me too. I have some little clumps coming on for an even better show next year, maybe. I did not come easily to grasses but now I have Gulf Muhly, Cymbopogon and Vetiver.


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