Saturday, July 6, 2013

Naked Ladies

Not ladies without clothing, not Nekkid Ladies without clothing and up to something, just flowers with bare stems and no leaves.

Since they are naked, they kind of hide behind the large
leaves of their neighbors the Angel Trumpets, next to a
coordinating Daylily.
It still isn't clear to me whether these are Lycoris squamagera not Amaryllis belladona.
As best I can determine by looking at many web sites where the waters get further muddied, these are Lycoris because they grow in cold winter, wet summers. The foliage appears with daffodils and dies off in late May. These grew in my Mother's garden and Brother Mack helped me get bulbs before the place was sold, one of the few plants I have that actually came from her garden in North Georgia.


  1. In fall 2011 I planted a bunch of bulbs of what I think is amaryllis belladonna, although at the time I thought they were lycoris. They've produced lots of foliage in the fall but never any summer flowers. I'm hoping to get some flowers this year. Your ladies are beautiful. :o)

  2. Many of these summer-blooming bulbs sulk at being moved and have to get adjusted to new surroundings. This is the only one of 3 or 4 in this bed that bloomed despite glorious foliage in the spring.


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