Sunday, July 7, 2013


Didn't it rain, children, Talk 'bout rain!

Crinums love the rain.

Two and a half inches fell in a very short time here this afternoon. It overflowed the culverts and ditches and washed across the road and the driveways. We're still getting rain but the flood has receded except the Upper Garden Grass paths still look like little creeks. I'm glad most of the flower beds are slightly raised so the worst runoff is beside them, not through them.

Water in the ditch came up to the planted berms and
swirled around them for a short time.

It's too wet and muddy and still raining on the dirt road so we can't go see how much water is finally in the pond in the north pasture. Every drop is appreciated, refilling the aquifer from which our wells draw.

Buffy the Dog almost fell in the ditch where the water was rushing through the culvert under the north driveway, trying to see what was going on. She's not used to a lot of water filling the pipe to the top.

I didn't try to make photos of the water. I just sloshed around with an old ragged umbrella.

I moved these Bromeliads back to the greenhouse yesterday, otherwise they would have washed away. One of the clay pots that had held a plastic pot was in the middle of the driveway. The walkway and steps looked and sounded like a river and waterfall.

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  1. According to, we have had approximately 7 inches this past week. But looking at last year, it typically is the wettest part of the year and it's when most of plants take off....but I wish the rain would space out more.


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