Friday, July 12, 2013

Tattered Tiger and Possible Thunderstorms

It has been a rainy July so far. I lost track of the rainfall amounts but we had a half inch the past two afternoons, more anticipated today. Makes the flowers grow, the weeds and grass as well.

The number of Butterflies seen is increasing daily.
I'm seeing dark Swallowtails in groups of as many as four now.
They are preferring Pentas to everything else.
This brave Tiger Swallowtail kept on nectaring despite losing
much of his tails and part of one hindwing.
When we get wind with a thunderstorm, the driveway is littered with dead twigs and sometimes
limbs. The dog and I go on Stick Patrol for the big stuff, He-who-mows swept the driveway.
Not all butterfly activity is on flowers. Here Spicebush and
Pipevine Swallowtails were partying together on
something disgusting in the grass.

This Spicebush Swallowtail went over to get water from a crack
in the driveway or to rest.
I saw on Facebook that Helen of Gardening with Confidence and Troybilt gave away a motorized lawn edger to some lucky gardener. Great machine for the garden; much faster than a half-moon hand tool. Reminds me of what's coming next cool day. I need to fix up the edges before grass creeps in so there's not so much to dig out after I make that cut along every bed edge. Otherwise I would wait until fall. I love a crisp edge. 
What's your favorite bed edge? Trench? Mow strips? Permanent or temporary? 


  1. I've seen some rather tatty swallowtails this year. No monarchs yet, but the milkweed is in full bloom. I love a neat cut edge, but unfortunately I have rock edging -- what else in the Poconos where we grow rocks? P. x

  2. Ah, so much green. It's restful to my eyes. Here in Kansas, we've reverted back to hot and dry this summer. I'm seeing some butterflies, but WAY more grasshoppers! (By the way, great cropping on the "disgusting" photo! I can guess what was disgusting, but can't really tell for sure.) Enjoy your rain, and if you get a change, send some back our way!

  3. The rain has been non stop here as well. It's raining now. To recollection, last summer was pretty wet. I am not complaining ( a lot anyway). It's a nice break from the temperatures and garden chores ( like watering).


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