Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Day before Bloom Day July 2013

"Three days after the big garden event was over, everything started bursting into bloom." -- from the blog, 'The View from Federal Twist.'

'Ellen Bosanquet' Crinum is an old Southern favorite. Rains trigger bloom.

Gardens always seem to look better two days before or two days after Bloom Day. Agapanthus is going out of bloom, Daylilies are in scant rebloom and so on. Twenty days of rain left the lawn really lush and verdant.

The spoons full of lime I gave nearby lilies and such caused some pretty pinks in the usually blue Hydrangeas after those soaking rains.
Pineapple sage is out of bloom behind this Crinum .  I expect fall bloom from it.
A few sprigs of Pineapple sage makes a fragrant garnish for fruit salad.
My intention for Bloom Day is to just feature Tropicals so the post isn't so pic-heavy y'all pass by without looking past the first one or two. Lilacina Crape Myrtles finally burst into bloom after red and pink finished their first round of blooms. Pride of Barbados and Esperanza are fitfully blooming; they seem to wish for some long hot days without rain. Crocosmia is everywhere, it's Everywhere.  


  1. Your Ellen Bosanquet is fabulous I really need to add some Crinums to my beds. We are rainy also a few days of some sunshine would be welcomed..
    hugs, Cherry

  2. Those criniums are lovely. Isn't that the truth that flowers don't stick to the calendar!

  3. What I think is weird about hydras is when they have pink and purple blooms. What kind are these? I have endless summer, big daddy, and others I have yet to identify.

  4. Thank you, Cherry and A_Aussie.

    Janie, these Hydrangeas are cuttings from some that grew here 50 years ago. They haven't a name.


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