Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Upper Garden and Pie

Sometimes I just don't know what to put in the blog. Rain has left everything lushly green with scant flowers in places.

Panorama of Upper Garden.
These views distort the actual view. The long bed at left is actually parallel to the road on the right.

West end of  Upper Garden in Panorama View

Kniphofia, Purple Heart, Lantana and Vetiver Grass on left, Tropicals on right include Gingers, Stokesia edging and Hydrangeas at far right with azaleas behind. Pic below of  Magnolia and others in far view.

Brugmansia and 'Little Gem' Magnolia

Magnolia blooms are so sturdy, with fragrance of lemons.

Persian Shield with dwarf Pentas coordinating.

Another Brugmansia across from Magnolia.

Rumble of thunder is in the distance. I think the last cloud passed us by but others are forming to the west.

When it isn't raining it's either too hot and humid to work outside or mosquitoes run me inside. Ordinarily we're mostly indoors in late July and all of August but most the weather is so dry we don't have so many weeds and grass to tend. 

There were enough little seedling peaches today to make a small peach cobbler. My father in law loved peach pie and learned to make his own after MIL died. He used to use crescent rolls for his crust; I made oil pastry. He-who-mows and I ate half before I thought of a picture.    


  1. It's the hot time. Still your gardens look so well. How wonderful to be able to grow gardenias in the beds-- I do manage a magnolia here in Oregon and enjoyed your image of the bloom. I love the fragrance. Your pie has inspired me to bake today: we have ripe gravenstein apples on the tree...

  2. I don't recall this view. It looks very serene and an awesome place to garden walk.


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