Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What to Do about Daylilies with Soggy Socks

Carol @ Oh What a Beautiful Garden Chicagoland posted beautiful Daylilies on her Bloom Day blog and remarked about having to deadhead yesterday's blooms as you enjoy new blossoms daily.

There's a 'soggy sock' at lower left, previous day's dead bloom
on these heirloom Daylilies in my garden in late spring.

I left her with my solution: Some days I go around and deadhead the open blooms at the end of the day. I don’t have to see ‘soggy socks’ the next morning and everything is pristine when I go out.

Helen of Toronto Gardens blog finds the dead blooms even more distasteful, saying it occurred to her that they look like used condoms. I offered the soggy sock analogy so she could get that image out of her head.

Helen might be right -- look on the ground!
When I deadhead 'soggy socks' I toss them into
the mulch. In a day or two they're all dried up.

Brocaded Gown and Nicotiana

I can never remember which of the reds I'm seeing: Superlative,
Kent's Favorite II or the seedling that looks like the others.
Byran Paul has a thin white edge that distinguishes him.

Salmon Sheen, almost as old as I, was a Stout
Medal winner when I was in grade school.

Sammy Russell came to me mislabeled.
He's a good landscape specimen.

Silver Veil

Old Red Daylily we've always had.

Little Business

Byzantine Emperor

Garden Name "Meet My Sister"

Garden Name "Saddle Oxfords"

Little Gypsy Eyes

Bride Elect

Elysian Fields

Mislabeled Beauty

When I deadhead late in the day, I put all the open blooms on a tray and take them to the compost bin, admiring them on the way and decorating the mulch when they reach their destination.

Old leaking cow trough repurposed as my compost bin.


  1. The daylilies look very pretty all tidied up....I hate the way the shriveled blooms feel the second day before they dry....I wait a day or two.

    You have some very nice ones.

  2. Your daylilies are so beautiful. It's one of my favorites, quite possibly my top favorite perennial. Love the old cow trough as a compost bin, what a great way to repurpose it.

  3. You grow an impressive array of daylilies. I too love these carefree and beautiful plants!

  4. Well ... I'm laughing here, now whenever I look at my daylilies I will think of condoms, and soggy socks...sigh. Thanks, um I think.

    You do have a beautiful collection, soggy, or not, and that's a great hint.


  5. haha - I hadn't thought of them looking like soggy socks! But you are so right! I am so lazy, I just let mine drop when they want, but now I won't be able to get the soggy sock image out of my head! I like that you give a beautiful "offering" to the compost "gods" every day! I bet they enjoy it much more than old, soggy sock offerings!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. These are representative of my daylilies, probably more than you wanted to see. Olive Bailey Langdon, Pandora's Box and Inner View are among those who have not bloomed that I look forward to.

    I vowed to start showing fewer pics per blog and ended up showing 16 daylilies. I did better on tomorrow's Tropical Foliage.

  7. After Helen's comment, I will never look at spent day lily blooms in quite the same way! You have a wonderful array of day lilies. I especially admire your repurposed compost bin!

  8. I've not thought of spent daylily blossoms this way, but it fits. I tidy up spent blossoms during early morning strolls through the gardens ... a perfect activity with the first cup of coffee.

  9. What beautiful day lilies . . . and I love the cow trough!

  10. Loving all of your lilies! I always look forward to them blooming every summer. Your Little Business does look redder than mine. Mine is more on the rusty side color-wise.Thanks for the info on the Persian Shields. I have plenty of sady spots that they would certainly brighten up.


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