Thursday, July 25, 2013

White Shrimp Plant, Justicia betonica Is Blooming!

I've been claiming that White Shrimp Plant does not bloom in summer here after I plant it out in bloom when the weather warms. It usually commences bloom in the spring greenhouse and blooms fade shortly after going into the ground.

Justicia betonica's green-veined white bracts hold tiny pink flowers.

This Shrimp plant returned from roots after a mild winter. 

Two kinds of Shrimp Plant, Justicia brandgeeana in the near view, 
Justicia betonica upper left across the walkway.

Copious rainfall is what I think caused such vigorous growth and early bloom.
So much for my theory that  White Shrimp Plant was day-length sensitive. 
I guess I simply didn't water enough. I know that one winter I almost killed the White Shrimps because I wasn't giving them enough water at a single watering and the bottom half of the pots was dry. 

Red Shrimp Plant is hardy here and the plants survive most winters without dying back. White Shrimp Plant dies back to the roots. I always take cuttings just in case. Sometimes I take cuttings of the red just to have them blooming in a pot. 

It took forever to write this post because I found a mail-order source that I'd not seen before and I was looking at all their tropicals and fragrant plants and so many pretties.  I saw a photo on The Outlaw Blog today of Bonnie Lassie Alison being encouraged to go ahead and buy an Angel Trumpet. It's a good thing I haven't anybody to encourage me and I can remind myself of just how many plants I can handle. 


  1. Hah! Guess what? I bought it. It's flowering magnificently right now, and smells wonderful!

  2. Justicia betonica is a new plant for me. It's quite striking! It's wonderful to see that it's finally bloomed during the summer for you.

    It's fantastic spending time looking through catalogues, but it's every so hard to resist ordering even when you know you haven't anywhere to put the new plants. I've just done that myself!

  3. I have the standard yellow and the red type . . . but I've never seen the white. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on non-hardy plants.

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  5. Anette/Mollie, thank you for visiting. I was surprised to find a message on an old post that was not the work of a spammer.


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