Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August First Views

Dog Days! We get rain some days, excessive heat other days. I'm not doing much in the garden, a little dead heading, pulling a few weeds.

On the left is the favorite butterfly nectaring patch, mostly Tithonia.
Duranta at the front has new buds and a few open blooms.
Under the Crape Myrtles in the near view is a patch of palest pink
Pentas, attractive to Spicebush Swallowtails.

Over in the Tithonia grove today I saw the usual Gulf Fritillaries -- orange butterflies on orange blossoms -- Spicebush, Pipevine, a female Tiger and a Giant Swallowtail.

Looking down the steps from the Upper Garden.

I've had great luck with Angel Wing Begonias this year. I planted some rooted cuttings along 
the left side of the path above. What to do before frost? I already have four potted ones. When a
big piece breaks (and one will)  it easily roots after a few days to callus the stem end.

Looking into the Upper Garden, there are many shades of green. 

This stone in the pic above. Over time, it grew lichens and moss and two kinds of fern.
Daylilies planted next to a limestone rock are usually happy.

Simple bench of an old barn timber supported by stacked brick.
It took several tries to stack them in the right configuration to 
end up with a brick on the end that lines up with the bricks below.

Y'all stay cool during August and drink plenty of fluids.


  1. Love the limestone rock and the bench.

    It is hot and humid here too and way too wet to do much outside.

    They say the only way to move this rainy system out is for the extremely hot weather down around Texas and Oklahoma to head our way.
    That won't be pleasant either!

  2. I love the bench, too.....It's truly a beautiful addition.


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