Sunday, August 4, 2013

Curcuma in the Gingers Garden

First Curcuma bloom, known in nurseries here as 'Siam Tulip' or
Hidden Ginger. I saw dark red curcuma at a big box store the other day.
In front of Curcuma are Cardamon Ginger.

In the other direction is Alpinia or Shell Ginger, which never blooms in my garden. I tried potting some up so there would be two-year plants but still no blooms. I like the structural shape bespite the lack of bloom.
I like variegated Alpinia. I didn't make pics of it in the
Gingers Garden but there's a piece of it behing these pots of
Amaryllis that are maturing for winter bloom in the greenhouse.
I think this was just a piece of Striped Alpinia that was left
from the greenhouse and I stuck it here as I am wont to do,
tuck something in any available space.
Curcuma has great tropical foliage. I pot up Alpinias for the greenhouse
just for winter foliage. Curcuma 'rests' during the winter so I just leave them
to die back to the ground.
I like Cardamon Ginger for the fragrance of the leaves, reminding me of an expensive Christmas pot pourri I once had. It makes a good edging plant.
All my gingers came by way of Janie Varley except for the variegated Alpinia and a Hedychium. I think the green Alpinia blooms in her Texas garden.
I don't grow culinary Ginger but I think I should. Ginger tea is helpful for winter colds relief.
Do you have a favorite Ginger?



  1. The flowers that are purple and yellow..silly question,,,,is that just one plant?

  2. It isn't a silly question, Janie. The whole flower is the pinecone-looking thing with pink bracts sticking out the top and yellow florets at the bottom.

  3. My ginger won't bloom either. The place I bought it from had them growing all over the place and in full bloom. I guess it just doesn't like my place.

  4. Ginger would be difficult in my Zone 6 garden but I do admire it.

  5. Lovely. My gingers are coming along but none have bloomed yet - something for me to look forward to.

  6. Of the ones you show, I like the Alpina ginger best, even without blooms. Great foliage!


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