Thursday, August 22, 2013

Late Summer Lilies: Rhodofiala

They suddenly spring from the earth, where there was one stalk yesterday, there are four today.

These happen to be planted with Purple Heart. I can't remember if that was deliberate.

More of these are in the upper garden. No sign of them today. They may appear at any time.

I worried because the literature says to hold back watering mid-summer. Who'll stop the rain?

I wonder who nibbled on this blossom?

Spider lilies(Lycoris radiata) follow oxblood lilies (Rhodophiala bifida) in my garden. So far there are no signs of red Spider Lilies but they are likely to emerge between now and September, followed by Sternbergia.

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Please join us to see what's blooming and show your blossoms.


  1. My pink ones have been blooming for a few days now. I didn't know there were red ones. These were here when we moved.

    Our heavy, daily rains didn't seem to hurt them at all.

    The rains have stopped and it is very hot now.

  2. Those are lovely lilies I've not seen before and I think they look great with the purple heart.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. I thought they only came in red. When I looked for them, there are Rhodofialas in red, pink, white and yellow. My lesson for the day. Do you think I may remember? I should have Sternbergia blooming soon, yellow.

  4. say it's deliberate - that pair of colours is a tour de force. Chapeau!!


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