Thursday, August 8, 2013

Red in my Garden

Orange abounds, yellow abounds. There is a lot of white and pink. Reds are limited.

Red Pentas are a butterfly favorite. 

Most of the red Pentas are in a bed with white
Shrimp Plant, Purple Alternanthera, and
some other things of interest.

One plant of interest is Strawberry Fields 
gomphrena. It shows up as pink in the pic but
it is truly red.

Reflected light kept the red from showing true.

I can't remember if this red Canna bud will open scarlet or not.


There are some red wax-leaf begonias with some Brazillian Ruellia with little red blooms elsewhere. 
That's about the extent of my reds until Pineapple Sage blooms. Oh, and Firecracker Fern in a container.

A last look at Pentas.

What is blooming red in your garden? 


  1. The purest true red in my garden is the annual red salvia splendens from Park Seed. It is either Lighthouse or Flare. Like melampodium it is easy, bug and disease resistant. It seems to be loving all the rain this year.

  2. I am new fan of gallardia. It grows in lean soil and mine bloomed through the winter. The butterflies are such a wonderful addition to your garden.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your garden with its pretty red flowers. The red canna is a beauty! Is pineapple sage an herb that you would use for cooking? I am hoping to plant some next year for the red flowers. Do you know if they are easy to grow from seed, or should I plan on buying plants?


I look forward to comments and questions and lively discussion of gardening and related ideas.

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