Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are: Part 3, Great Egret

We see many cattle egrets around the pond. They're noticed in fields where insects are plentiful, often following the mower. My pics of cattle egrets turned out poorly.

Recent trip to the pond I glimpsed an Ardea alba, the Great egret, identified
by his long thin yellow bill. 

The pond is well filled after all the July rain and still-frequent
showers every day or so. Duckweed is as tall as the water is deep.

Little Island is surrounded by water.

 Great Egret

He seemed to find something to eat in the shallow water.



  1. Nice photos Nell. I love your wild vistas. It must be so peaceful there.

    Those egrets always seem graceful to me.


  2. Nell, I love the views of the open spaces. What do you all do with all that grass? When I see grass/pasture, I think where are the cows???

  3. What beauty! I loved seeing your egret. I feel like I have been on a refreshing little trip to the country! Thank you for showing us such pretty sights.

  4. Glenda, the grass just grows. I call it meadow. We make paths through it so weed and grass seeds don't clog up the machinery. We're too old to run cows any more. The fences are not sturdy enough to rent. It just holds the world together. The next Farm Bill if there ever is one, may change the face of family farms.


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