Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday in a Truly Wild Garden

Actually the pictures are from the other day when I went to see how much water was in the pond in my wildflower area. This area grows as nature plants except for mowed paths so that I can navigate from one view to another.

On the right is a patch of Agalinis, almost ready to bloom. In preparation for all that pinky purple bloom, Buckeye butterflies are flocking to the Gerardia and laying eggs. Caterpillars abound.

Buckeye caterpillar

Buckeye on wild Lantana and view of wing underside on Pentas in my regular garden.
Buckeyes have 'eyes' to scare predators. The underside blends into the background when they're still.

 Silk Grass put up tall pale bloom heads among scattered Agalinis here. Soon Silk Grass will have abundant yellow flowers.

Eupatorium sp. Boneset is already in bloom.

Elephantapus is already starting to bloom, more abundant this year than ever.
I'm not seeing Rabbit Tobacco at all. Weather dictates what grows in a given year.

Sumac had white blooms and berries, when berries 
turn red I know it is the good kind, not poison.

Sumac berries, deer treats.

Patches of Sumac underneath Live Oaks with Resurrection fern on limbs and Spanish Moss

Other Live Oaks have groves of Beautyberry which is now in that stage between blooms and Purple Berries. It's a haven for Wildlife.

Wildflower Wednesday is hosted at Clay and Limestone where Blue Mist is the Wildflower of the Day and many others have joined with their astonishing wildflowers.


  1. What wonderful photos Nell. I love your wild flowers, trees, lake.


  2. You know this already...but oh how I love spanish moss.....I have such an appreciation for wildflowers this will be an enduring love because the dance of the endless butterflies and hummingbirds really is one of life's small miracles.

  3. Simply beautiful! I especially loved the Spanish moss laden live oak. Gorgeous!

  4. Wonderful habitat pictures. Just makes me want to get out and take a walk.

  5. We seem to have been on the same page yesterday.
    I was able to get those elephant foot flowers...
    I also posted the eupatorium and the sumac...
    Nice looking live oak... I planted acorns a few years ago... Tried moving one last autumn... Killed it.

  6. What a marvelous meadow! I haven't seen Buckeye butterfly yet...but look forward to when they arrive. Thanks for a closeup of their cats! gail


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