Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bloom Day in the Meadows

I collected more than a hundred wildflower pics in the meadows. You'll be happy to hear I culled and then discarded redundancy. It's still a lot to plow through but there is just so much to share. 


 Elephant's Foot is more plentiful this year than I've ever seen. 

Path. The plant on each side is that yellow pea thing that I can't remember the name.

Woods' edge with Little Bluestem; taking pics from my Mule.

Blue Pea

Elephantapus again with a Buckeye. Not the best pic of the Buckeye,
but gives good detail if you want to see Elephant's Foot blooms.

Goldenrod. This one is small and early. Tall goldenrods are still green. 

Blue Curls

Dark Green is Agalinis, silvery is Silkgrass

Agalinis. False Foxglove had caterpillars in some places. 
Caterpillar pics were blurred. Clouds of pink soon to come.

Daisy Erigeron

Silkgrass is just ready to bloom.

Rabbit Tobacco

Eupatorium and Bluestem

I do not show Lantana, which is still blooming and has butterflies visiting.
Grasses are starting to bloom. 

Bloom Day in my Home Garden is on Secrets of a Seedscatterer Wordpress
a couple of Collages and pictures of Candlestick Cassia starting to bloom.


  1. I love your wildflower meadow garden. It feels good and happy.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. It was fabulous seeing the large variety of wildflowers you've got growing there. I just love the little Erigeron Daisies and the Eupatorium, but then I'm rather partial to white flowers.

  3. Thanks for posting the rabbit tobacco...I don't know how you can tell it from the Eupatorium

  4. I'l make a post comparing Rabbit Tobacco and Eupatorium, Janie. If I'm not sure before they get flowers, I smell the leaves. Rabbit Tobacco has a distinctive resinous aroma.

  5. You have such a wide variety of wildflowers! Thanks for culling your photos for us, I enjoyed seeing them. Very few are familiar to me, although the Erigeron does grow wild here too.

  6. I am amazed at your knowledge of wildflowers. I know the names of so few of them. I have always admired meadows, especially those with neat paths mown through them so we can get a closer look.They play such an important roll for flying creatures and other forms of wildlife.

  7. Jean - yourwildflowers are wonderful, nice to see a collection of plants I am mostly unfamiliar with...

  8. Your meadow is natural and colorful!


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