Monday, September 23, 2013

Elephantapus tomentosus

This is one of my favorite native plants. When first I saw it some 20 years ago, it was not in my guidebooks. I resorted to emailing a description to a professor at a Florida University. It was so long ago I didn't have a camera. He identified it by my description of the large flat leaves, the tricorn bracts and not much else.

This clump has already gone to seed.

Some of the asymetrical blooms are still on these. Aster family.

 Elephantopus mixed in with Goldenrods. Wildflowers are prolific this fall after all the rain in August.

Here you can see both the basal rosette of large leaves and the blooms.

This clump was laying over in some grass. Deer may have knocked it down.

Another look at a whole Elephantapus tomentosus plant.

As the weather cools, I hope you get out to see what's growing on roadsides and in fields.  

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