Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye, Wisteria

Remember last month when I pruned the Wisteria and the whole thing collapsed and it took machinery to pick it up? You probably don't and it is just as well. I left a hacked mess of Boxwood and Wisteria. Wisteria came back from nothing with a vengeance.

Wisteria, boxwood and all, gone. Holes filled in. Happy gardener. I shall spare you the details.

The view to the road is open. There is time for sprigged Centipede grass to take hold if I get busy.

Old gardens need editing. One less green blob for He-Who-Mows to go around.


  1. Amazing how good we feel after a little editing.

  2. I'm amazed by the resilience - and persistence - of wisteria. The last owner of our house put in 2 plants along an arbor on the side of the house. After fruitless attempts to control it, I pulled it out - or thought I had anyway. It keeps coming back. I think it's taken root under the concrete foundation :(

  3. I tried to comment yesterday but Blogger wasn't cooperating with me.

    I have a monster half deal forsythia grove that is going to be history as soon as cooler weather hits. DH is even wanting to get a dozer to clear out our front privacy shrub border next to the road.....not going to get that drastic though.

    I like that clean patch of ground!

  4. I'm not sure whether you ever read my post about wisteria... You are better off to be rid of that invasive... But... It still may come back... It's far worse than kudzu.
    Rather then sprigging in turf... What about wildflower seeds?

  5. This post made me smile, not because you were rid of the wisteria, but because of the words of wisdom at the end: gardens need editing. So very true of all gardens!

  6. Thanks, everybody. The wisteria won't be back if I sprig turf and keep it mowed, except I didn't mention there's another whole wad of it and some 7 foot boxwoods nearer the fence.

    I might put some daffodils there, they won't be long in dying back so mowing can continue. I'm try to make mowing easier for He-Who, not harder.


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