Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Forgot to Smell That Plant!

Late note: I figured it out. Perilla fruitescens var crispa. Perilla is usually thought of as Perilla Magilla P. fruitescens var. japonica of the garden center, deep purple in plenty of light. This is the green one called shiso in Japan. They eat it, we don't. Said to be poisonous to cattle. I haven't gone back to smell it yet.

Odor is an important tool in trying to identify a plant. If it smells like mint, that's a place to start; square stems indicate the mint family too but I digress. I found a plant today I had not seen in the wild meadows.

It was on the northeast side of the 3 acre woods. One big clump was all I saw, in a kind of low area. I toured pretty much the whole meadows area except for the high side next to the cornfield, and the hayfield.

I looked in my Audobon Wildflowers book and in the Golden Guide to Wildflowers and Golden Guide to Weeds without success. Have not yet looked in Midgley's All About Georgia Wildflowers. I frequently have better success looking at Florida's native plants than Georgia's.

Leaves are crimped similar to Horehound. The flower stalks are spiked similar to Perilla. Leaves are similar to Acalpha astryifolia but I think the flower stalks are different.

Oh, I wish I had thought to smell it! I was afraid it might be some kind of nettle and I didn't want stinging skin all the way home, so I didn't touch it.

The other thing I haven't done is to search on Google Images. Once the blog post is done, I'll try image matching. I will expect hilarious matches instead of a similar plant, but who knows?

You don't happen to recognize this plant, do you?


  1. I don't recognize it, but thanks for the tip to use Google Image Search to find a possible match. I never realized you could use it that way.

  2. I started to reply, after receiving your call for help... But then read the the text in italics...

    "they eat it, we don't".
    Doesn't seem right, does it... Perrilla grows so well here...

    Problem is... Have you ever read those recipes that call for shiso?

    Ever hear the term... 100 ways to wok your dawg? :)

    I once considered cooking that dish... Had a problem animal... But found a home for it instead....


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