Saturday, September 28, 2013

Porterweeds and Periwinkles

Nights are cooler. Fall might be on the way.

During summer, there were butterflies on Stachytarpheta which we call

Those long spikes hold many seeds. I snipped off a mature one and planted seeds
earlier in the season. Nothing.

Today I found little plants in the path.

I am pretty sure they are Porterweed. This is how I got the red
Porterweed back last summer, found seedlings.

Comparison with the big plant. No doubt. How did they get there? 
We had minor flooding during July and August. Seeds probably washed up.

Red Porterweed

I always save some seeds of Madagascar Periwinkle.
Catharanthus rosea.
I never need seeds, they always reseed.

When seeds get ripe, the pods are pale yellow and seeds are visible through the pod walls. Great reseeders, happy plants, no pests, easily pulled where they aren't wanted. I think next summer I will buy white seeds.
Periwinkle seedlings are late to emerge. Purchased plants planted too early will not thrive. They are happy hot-weather plants.

Like Melampodium, no dead-heading is required with Periwinkles, 
old blooms shed and new take their place higher up the stems. 

Rose Periwinkle


  1. Your little baby plants most definitely look like porterweed, as I see them all over here too.

    Happy Gardening and have a great Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  2. I had perwinkle in my garden last year and thought they didn't come they are popping up...go figure...I love the porterweed it's got a great shape....

  3. I did not know that periwinkle would reseed until I found new seedlings this year. What a happy surprise! Now I am planning where I can plant seedlings next year.

  4. Periwinkles are very hardy in our hot climate, but they are favorites of the hawksmoth devouring them till death. We don't have other colors of porterweed, only the bluish purple. I wonder how it came in, maybe just one seed trapped inside ones seamline.

  5. I do love self-seeders. This year even the melampodium has self-seeded around the mother plants. I will save seeds for insurance though. Vinca self-seeds here too, but not reliably.


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