Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Sights and Thoughts in a Late Summer Garden

There's a cool breeze blowing from the north today. Some folks are predicting an early frost maybe in two or three weeks. I saw a woolly caterpillar day before yesterday. I am ready for fall, but not for a freeze.

The yellow woolly bear caterpillar I saw was on a rose bush, not this KO.

The woolly bear wasn't on Sombreuil, either.

Sombreuil on a rustic trellis; stick house behind.

Cypress vine. Alamo vine was blooming 2 days ago.

Palest pink Pentas and Sedum acre

A late blooming Echinacea

Variegated Hydrangea and Persian Shield

I don't remember seeing Snowball Viburnum bloom in fall before. Maybe cutting it back made it happier.
This is the first year it has ever had lots of rain.

Red Spider Lilies Lycoris radiata have commenced bloom. 


  1. Love your eye and the sucession of bloom you've got...

  2. I love the rustic features in your garden, Nell Jean. That viburnum bloom is amazing! P. x

  3. I think plants behave very differently when we got lots of rain. It has made me realize that they really like more moisture than they normally get here.

  4. Thank you friends, for the kind words. Glenda, in droughty years I've given plants just enough water to keep them alive. It's wonderful when they get enough to really perform.

    A caryopteris drowned in my garden once when we had a minor flooding. It will be interesting to see how everything makes the winter.

  5. Is fall late? My camellias were in full bloom this time last they are just starting to open...


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