Friday, September 6, 2013

Wasp Moths

A short post on how I identify creatures I fail to recognize.

Recently I caught a view of this 'bug' on Lantana while I waited for butterflies to settle. Today when I was looking at something else, I saw a similar insect, identified as a Polka-dotted wasp moth Syntomeida epilais. Larval food includes member of the dogbane family: notably the oleanders.
I commenced to look at Polka-dotted wasps; their bodies were the wrong color and their larval food is Oleander, not found nearby. If S. epilais isn't my bug, maybe there is another Syntomeida that is. I searched for any Syntomeida, a broader search.

Syntomeida ipomoeae Yellow-banded wasp moth, larvae feeds on Morning Glories -- this could be my moth.

Now to watch for more of these day-feeding moths and try to get a better pic to compare with the Yellow-banded wasp moths on the web.

The easier way is to ask an expert, but the journey is more interesting this way.


  1. What a funny looking critter...
    I googled for a closer look
    I have some ipomoea...

  2. I am always at a loss to identify most of the flying critters around here. If I get a good photo, I may have better luck, but that doesn't happen often!


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