Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wide September Views

By the time I got around to wide views, I forgot whose suggestion it was. After all the rains in August, we've had some dry days and it feels like September has arrived. Trees are dropping leaves.

It looks like a park when the grass is freshly cut. Notice the Cat in the bottom right corner. 

Behind the blob of green Duranta at right is a forest of 6 foor Tithonia where butterflies feast.

Purple Heart is one of my fav filler plants. Melampodium is my 
fav summmer reseeder, well maybe after Madagascar Periwinkle.

Tiger and Lantana in the Upper Garden.

Upper Garden
Outside the Upper Garden. Field road turns at the Stick House in the distance.

 Interior of the Upper Garden.
Another butterfly bed that looks down into a little grove of pecan trees.

Wide views give you an idea of how things are laid out; then you need 
fun things like Porterweed and a Swallowtail.


  1. Hi Jean, i am one of those who love to see wide angle shots, so i can visualize more concretely the arrangements and spaciousness of the garden. On the other hand, i don't do that with mine because ours is badin that view! Oh i love that red porterweed, as we only have blue here.

    Re: Pentas, our butterflies love more the blue duranta, lantana and ixora than any of the pentas. But when there's not much choice they love it too. In Singapore, the butterfly expert said pentas are butterflies' last choice.

  2. Super garden and your wide shots are much better than I could get in my drought withered garden!

  3. Great shots of your lovely garden.

  4. How wonderful to have so many lovely long views of your gardens. Breathing space. Butterflies have so many plants to visit there. I have a peach colored porterweed and the purple one as well. I've not seen the red. You've just inspired me to go around with camera in hand to show what the butterflies enjoy around here. Thank you.


  5. Isnt' it so beautiful when it's mowed? What does "he-who-mows" use?

  6. Janie, a diesel riding mower with a 54" cut for the yard. I measure my paths to make sure nothing is going to get run over.


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