Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Last Look at Brugmansias

Near-freezing temps predicted for later in the week may mean the last blooms for this year. I am not taking cuttings, hopeful that at least one plant will somehow come back from the roots no matter how rough this winter gets. White fly is the bane of the greenhouse when Brug cuttings are in there, nor do I want a bulky
full sized plant dropping leaves all winter until a little tuft is left at top of a long stalk or two.

At night, Angel Trumpet blossoms open wide for night-flying 
insects to pollinate. The fragrance is incredibly sweet and spicy.

Buds grow into a pod shape from which the bloom emerges.

A husk is left when the bloom turns lose from the stem 
with the long pistil hanging out like a piece of string.

Unopened blooms are graceful with petals swirled together ending in points.

The awkward stalks will remain in the garden until spring when they are cut to 
the ground and a new plant grows from the roots.

Goodbye to Summer. Soon I'll pull Melampodium and Periwinkles whose seeds
have fallen. Remaining will be Graptopetalum, mostly, along the brick edging.


  1. It's such a gangly, awkward-looking plant when it isn't flowering. But, oh, those flowers! So pretty and sweet-smelling. I think all of mine are yellow. I need to get a pink-edged one. That close-up shot in the dark is wonderful!

  2. Sad to see the brugmansia bloom season end. Oh well, spring will be here before we know it!

  3. Oh the Angel Trumpet is beautiful... Probably too cold winters, up here in the upper NE, for them though...


  4. Amazing that it can grow so large in just one year! I have decided to give one a try here next year. Yours is beautiful. It must be hard to say goodbye for the winter.

  5. It's so pretty still! I'm sorry to hear the end is near. I hope it does indeed come back for you next year.

  6. Brugsmansia Inca Sun are all dug, potted and packed away in a cool basement for the winter... but they won't stop blooming! Even in the dark they give off their fragrance... what smells heavenly outside, is quite overwhelming inside. I tossed several pink brugs this year as they had gotten way to large to bring in for Wisconsin's winter! Enjoyed your post! Larry


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