Friday, October 11, 2013

A Potager or Just a Row of Greens

I enjoy seeing photos of formal kitchen gardens. I despair of ever having same where there are neat little raised beds and decorative fences.

Marvin's Cabbages

Today's project was a 3x28' area for cole crops. We extended the area where the dismal heirloom tomato crop mostly succumbed to root knot nematodes.

Somehow in the process of loosening the soil, the edges got less even and the rows more crooked. Mama used to say of a crooked row, "I had to crook them up to get it all in." I certainly have room now for everything and a few feet left over.

Nine Cabbages, 9 Packman broccoli plants and 9 black Kale finally went in the ground after I got all the roots raked out of a front-end loader scoop of well rotted gin trash and two raised rows formed. There's room for a handful of nasturtiums at one end. I may scatter a few violas or some alyssum seeds between the cabbages.  The Cole Crop garden sits 8 feet in front of the Blueberry Bushes in the midst of a Centipede grass lawn.

The Centipede Grass that was removed went to the front of the Tractor Shed and a tractor traded places with the golf cart to give the grass a fighting chance. One project calls for another and the work never ends.

I didn't start seeds. I did wait until HD put Bonnie Plants on sale. They had good white roots, not rootbound. I waited too long to buy -- the red cabbages I saw last week were gone. Will I ever learn to buy something I see and not wait?

Start small with a beautifully designed potager of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits.

That's the advice of a garden artisan service who will plant your garden for a price, a huge price. They are far away and I need my garden money for seeds and bulbs and plants.

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