Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aging with Finesse

Cooler weather means the end of the growing season. As plants come to the time of death for annuals, winter sleep for those who renew in the spring, changes are evident.

 Dogwood leaves turn orange. If you look closely, there are tiny green buds with promise of Spring to come.

Hydrangea blooms have mostly dried. A few more bright blue florets remain.

 Persimmon fruits 

Duranta fruits are bright yellow. Duranta is still blooming.

Shelf fungus on an old stump.

Healthy living is important to Aging with Finesse. Some components of aging with grace include attention to diet: grow what you eat, eat what you grow. Gardeners do that. They also exercise and manage stress in the garden setting. A religious connection and purpose in the community is important. Attitude, and joy in the process of the garden  and in life give us dignity and finesse in the Autumn of our days. 

Time spent in the garden yesterday included pulling Tithonia and 
Mexican hats to better expose Gulf Muhly about to bloom and 
make room for scattering seeds, my favorite Autumn Joy.

We're about to experience the purple haze of Autumn

Mexican Bush Sage, the purple flowered kind.
This flower epitomizes touch in the garden with
its velvety bracts.


  1. I remember admiring those purple leaves in your garden before.

  2. I have been doing some fall pruning too.

    You still look very green for fall. We are beginning to look less so.

    I didn't realize persimmons were native for you too. I have two volunteer ones I am leaving in my yard.

  3. Somehow when you're in 4-season-country, change seems so fast because it is very obvious, and it seems that time flies so fast too. Here because we only have too, time seems a bit slower, haha. But because of blog posts i am always reminded that time is so fast.

  4. I love fall..it seems the most colorful of the year...your gardens are beautiful as always.

  5. We're back in SW Georgia, and it seems like we have come from winter back into summer here! We ushered in the first frost in Eastern Washington on our way and then the first frost in Salt Lake City also. I'm loving the beautiful crepe myrtle in bloom everywhere.

  6. "Healthy living is important to Aging with Finesse. Some components of aging with grace include..."

    Your delightful blog name, brought me over...

    Your words above, insure that I will continue to read/enjoy, what you blog here.

    "Olden" in the upper NE


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