Thursday, October 24, 2013

Annual Monarch Sighting

Every year I see a Monarch Butterfly. Just one. He doesn't hang around. He was here yesterday and lingered long enough for me to get 4 fuzzy pics in which he could be identified, sort of.

There's all this Lantana montevidensis and some Salvia leucantha which 
Monarchs usually find attractive. Instead, he flew up, up and away
across the highway to a patch of weeds on the right of way.

So what did I find? I think this is Perilla, not the purple kind.

In addtition to the Perilla, cypress vine and cardinal climber,
both with tiny red flowers. 

No Monarch but I found a Sulphur among the weeds
willing to pose with folded wings.

We're ready for cool weather now, the annual Monarch sighting is done. Do you think it would improve the number of visitors if I had one of those signs designating my garden as a Way Station or some other official approval?


  1. I just learned of the term waystation...I was watching a film about monarchs saying milkweed is a favorite...not sure what it will do.... I thought I had a ton of monarchs lately but after going to callaway...I think they were viceroy's....

  2. Lucky you are, to see one.

    My husband was saying that he had not seen any.

    Actually there were very few butterflies, other than the tiny white ones. Few bees. Few birds.

    This is getting scary! In the upper NE.


  3. Silly butterfly. Plant Asclepias (Butterfly weed) and maybe he'll bring his friends.

  4. When there was native Asclepias across the road in the firebreak, I never saw a Monarch near it nor any cats. I did see Black Swallowtails nectaring. I think we're just slightly off the path for migrating Monarchs. They don't summer here.

  5. I haven't seen any Monarchs this year. Let me know if putting out a sign helps! ;) They are such pretty butterflies. Like stained glass.


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