Monday, October 14, 2013

Blooms Despite the Senescence of Autumn

I thought about skipping Bloom Day this month. Well, maybe I would just take a pic or two.

Melampodium, Rose Pentas and PurpleSwirl Datura.

Gulf Muhly not quite in full bloom, with Lantana.

Carefree Delight rose with a Mockingbird nest.
I stopped deadheading roses. Only White Dawn has hips.

Pentas are still attracting butterflies and Skippers.
My Skipper pictures were out of focus. Butterflies showed up later.

Last Hurrah for Angel Trumpets.

Dried Agapanthus heads, purple Alternanthera, red Pentas, white
Shrimp Plant and yellow Melampodium. Dogwood foliage turning in background.
Oak leaves will fall from now to spring, just enough to need weekly raking.

Porterweed. I brought in some seedlings just
in case these don't survive the winter.

 Esperanza Tecoma stans still blooming and just look at the seed pods!

Enjoy Bloom Day.


  1. Beautiful blooms for bloom day. I love that blue sky with the fluffy white clouds. So you have to rake leaves all winter? I don't rake them at all!

  2. All so pretty! I really need to find some Pentas, this is the second red one I've seen in a Bloom Day post. I know how much the butterflies love it. I thought of skipping too, but I'll probably get a post together later today.

  3. You have very pretty plants and flowers. Kelli, Northern Ireland.

  4. Not real raking, Glenda, backing the lawn mower over them and mulching the leaves.

  5. I was shocked not to see you's like me & Wordless Wednesday

  6. Thanks, Janie J. Yesterday was a busy day and I just never went over there and added my name to Bloom Day.

  7. The dried agapanthus bloom reminded me of dried alliums, a look I've always admired but can't emulate because the fancy alliums just don't do well here. Maybe I'll try leaving some of my allium stalks next year...

  8. Wow, I was so thrilled to see that huge bloom on your white shrimp plant. I decided to try it this year for the first time. When I bought the plant it was blooming, but it hasn't bloomed since. What do you do to make yours bloom so beautifully?

  9. All of you leave such gracious commants, thank you all.

    This is the first time White Shrimp Plant ever bloomed outside. Usually they're blooming in late winter in the greenhouse and when they are planted out, they stop forever. I think it may have been all the rain we had in July and August.


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