Saturday, October 26, 2013

Harvest End: Green Tomatoes

I hate when frost takes out plants and they're all dead when you go outside. I pulled up my remaining two tomato plants while they're still green, a Black Krim and Flamme.

Maybe there are enough to fry green; I'll eat the orange ones.
I ate a couple on the spot, dirt and all.

I tugged the rebar posts out of the ground and put them away. The stick cross pieces I tossed along with the vines and the rest of the Tithonia I pulled up nearby. Next month I'll be ready to scatter larkspur and California poppy seeds where the Tithonia grew in the adjoining bed. I did not save Tithonia seeds, counting on the seeds that fell to know when to emerge late next spring. They always do. The bed in the picture has Verbena bonairensis on the front and the north end now; Verbena on a Stick is a great reseeder. In early spring I can count on wild yellow Corydalis to bloom there.

The makeshift tomato trellises just after I finished in June.

I left two Tithonia that have sprawled on the lawn and two young ones at the end of the rock wall bed. Bees and a few Gulf Fritillaries were still working them as if to say, 'Please, just a few days longer.' I think I know how they feel with frost coming.

I fertilized my cabbages, broccoli and kale yesterday. They need some red pepper flakes sprinkled around to discourage pets' digging. Maybe a little pine straw and some pine cones liberally added  too. Pine cones are a good deterrent and they break down in just a year adding humus. 

Are you ready for winter?


  1. I've often wondered what fried green tomatoes taste like. It's not a common dish here.

    Here we're bracing and preparing for the coming summer, which is always a harsh time for the garden.

  2. Worked like crazy yesterday to try and prepare for the inevitable. We've had some good hard frosts so it was high time to clean up the beds. Like you all my tomato cages were pulled up and put away, a few seeds collected, compost worked in. there were a few pickings left which was nice. Some turnips and lettuce, cilantro and carrots. Snow isn't far away here though so must work fast.

  3. Winter? I can't think about winter when I am enjoying fall so much! However, my husband has prepared the fireplace and brought in the first load of firewood.

  4. It's so sad when the tomatoes go for the year. I made my last salsa today, and still have green tomatoes to fry.


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