Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Last Look at November

A few long views now that hard frost, chill rain and  brisk winds have changed the landscape:

Part of the Upper Garden featuring deciduous trees, pines and broadleaf evergreens. Oakleaf Hydrangeas still have reddish leaves. Fifty year old pines shelter from western winds.

A falling limb took off one side of this small Camellia seedling last winter. 
It has recovered nicely, if one-sided; has lots of buds like the others.

Gerbera Daisy from seeds. Gerberas are fairly hardy.

Knockout Rose bud.

At the opposite end of the Upper Garden I transplanted 3 young Camellias at the ends of long beds.
It pained me to have to pinch off some buds to put their strength into growth. 

South of the Upper Garden is a row of Gardenias, six feet tall.
I pruned them in late June. I didn't allow for their growing back so quickly.

Front of the house where we took down a Dogwood that grew in the middle of the 
Philadelphus to the left of Gardenias.  It was slowly dying.

Cutting a really huge Pecan limb did little damage here except 
to a volunteer Holly tree. The stub to the left is all that's left. 
The strappy foliage is ancient Narcissus.

Winter is the best time to do garden work here when weather is cool. 

I have tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and muscari to plant soon. 
All except daffodils are chilling.


  1. I'm amazed that Gerberas can handle that much cold. Best wishes with the bulb planting! I've finally given up on tulips - even with adequate chilling, our Santa Ana winds inevitably wither the majority in bud before they bloom.

  2. Hi Jean, that really is a knockout rose bud. I can imagine that in a little while your ground will be covered with leaves, and it will mean non-stop work gathering them again.

  3. We are about past doing gardening outside. Supposed to get down to l0° at the end of the week.

    I like the fall/winter look of your gardens.

    I have been absent a week and will try to catch up reading this week.

  4. I had to come over here to see if you were still alive. I noticed the other day that our camellias are loaded with buds.


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