Sunday, November 3, 2013

Datura's Dramatic Season Ends

Sensitive to the changing season, flowers fade and huge seed pods form.

From June through October, Datura was spectacular.

Much Drama in these plants. The stems are black and shiny as if they
were lacquered. The blooms have a heady fragrance in the night. The leaves 
give off an acrid smell when crushed. 

Seeds are collected and put away for next year.

In some previous years, I planted yellow Datura.  2009.


  1. Even the seed pods seem a little showy. It's good to have a few drama queens in the garden!

  2. The last photo is espicially striking. What are the tiny yellow flowers in pictures?

  3. Dark Datura... Gorgeous.... Wonder if that would grow up North? Should look it up, I guess.

    Watch out for the 'Frost Faeries'! ,-)

  4. The tiny yellow flowers are Melampodium, a reseeding annual that will stay with you forever if you let it. It's well behaved and easily pulled where it isn't wanted.

  5. Your purple double Datura is so pretty! I only grew a single white one this year, but I'm hoping to grow the double purple next year.

  6. I just got going with this plant this year and I`m hoping to cultivate a few more like the varieties you have, Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  8. I've never grown these, so I guess I've never seen the seed pods. Interesting! They're bigger than I was expecting!


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