Friday, November 29, 2013

Edit and Prune

A recent storm broke limbs on the cedar tree north of the greenhouse. Once a tree is broken more pruning is necessary to even the bottom limbs. There is more we are considering but will look at it for a few days before the final cuts. Hard to replace if too much is cut.
Sacrificed in the process was a Spirea thunbergii here for more than fifty years. To be removed will be the last green Euonymous which used to abound here. Pulling that by the roots so it doesn't return. I looked at the gardenia hedge and wondered why so much Euonymous was rooted and planted and only two Gardenias were here. One died that I remember and about 25 years ago I began the gardenia hedges. Both shrubs are broadleaf evergreens, only Gardenia has a desirable blossom.  
Once we start, there's nothing to do but continue while the cutter is on the tractor. A big limb on a pecan tree at the front hit the ground -- hit the house too but no damage except a little scrape to a screen. Better it goes down now than in a high wind.
While the equipment was in place, a Bridalwreath Spiraea -- the kind with little blossoms that looke like tiny roses -- was cut to the ground so I can cope with all the vines growing through it. Behind it was a surprise: narcissus foliage that was probably in too much shade to bloom this year but hope for years to come. The Spiraea will grow back from the roots, come spring.  
Before the debris was hauled off I cut plenty of pine and cedar for Christmas decors. The cedar had lots of blue juniper berries. The pine had a few new full sized cones and lots of baby cones forming. I have two big trugs full behind the tool shed.
A dying volunteer Dogwood at the north corner of the porch came down, miraculously leaving the Philadelphous where the Dogwood sprouted in the middle about fifteen years ago.

Two low hanging pine limbs over the driveway were cut. Limbs on two more cedars (Junipers) were cut.

Crape myrtle in the back yard that almost reached the electric lines was trimmed back. Crape murdered? Hardly; just top growth. Next time I'll use an electric chain saw and prune differently to keep from having that knobby growth that comes from repeatedly topping the same joints.

There are no photos; when the cutting starts I need to pay attention. Once it stops, I am on stick patrol getting ready for the machine to come and pick it all up.


  1. I like your cutting remarks! Sounds like you're plenty busy and will have lots of beautiful evergreens to decorate with this Christmas!

  2. Ahhhh, you are getting to do some of the work we recently had to do...not storm related this time however.

    Euonymous is a dirty word for me.


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