Friday, November 1, 2013

How Do Crape Myrtles Look in Autumn?

Crape Myrtles are counted on for summer color when all else is dry and wilted. All Crape Myrtles are not the same. Shapes are different, colors differ. Some have deep colored leaves in fall. Natchez, the graceful open vase shaped Tree with white flowers has yellow leaves that tend to fall early.

This is my favorite Crape Myrtle. It's a vintage cultivar called 'Lilacina' and all mine came from suckers around a single plant at the edge of a small Pecan grove along the far meadow. Above, the trees are planted with Loropetalums that have red fall leaves in addition to their usual dark purplish leaves.

My pale pink Crape Myrtle in the back yard still has some panicles of bloom and the leaves remain green. The watermelon color is turning orange but is not as brilliantly colored as these. They will likely lose all leaves before much color is displayed.

Many large trees in our landscape are oaks that are either evergreen or lose their leaves without turning brilliant colors. Some turn brown, many hang on and fall a few at a time throughout the fall to the disgust of He-who-mows. Across the highway, trees are still green and the color feature is muscadine grapevines that climb high into the trees, looking like yellow festoons in the woods.

Gulf Fritillaries, bees and the last of the Tithonia.


  1. Love pops of color, in Autumn... and watching them change and progress, as some do.


  2. I am glad you posted this...first year, with them...and they were doing that & I hoped it was normal...

  3. Beautiful fall colors from your crape myrtles! I need to write down that cultivar. Especially lovely as a group!


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