Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Like Losing a Good Friend

I went to my old web site tonight for the first time in a month or two. I created that site in 2003 and years subsequent.

This site will be taken down by AT&T on Dec 4. I am in a big project now to salvage all I can of these, work of 3 years or more. I appreciate them leaving them up as long as they did, because I haven't had an AT&T internet account in years. I can easily tranfer the HTML text but the photos will have to be saved and reentered when the AT&T site goes away and the links are broken. Some of the pics are already broken. As best I remember they probably were on Photobucket, who also made changes. Sigh.

If you'd like to look at it, the link is in the lower right hand corner of this page. The pages have links to one another and even I get lost in there, lol. There is a recipe site, a memorial to the Monkeyman, old family photos, and of course, lots of garden pages. Oh, here's the link: Foxes Earth.

My immediate plan is to put the text on Wordpress with the pictures still linked and sort out the links within the new web pages later, so there will be broken links for a while. Transferring HTML loses the background colors and who knows what else. It isn't deathless prose but I probably can't remember to say it again, so it must be saved. I hope that most of the photos are on a CD here someplace but I'll try to download them to save a search.

In the general scheme of things, does it matter? Should I just transfer it all to Pinterest?


  1. I remember that site. I didn't realize it was still out there on the web. You should put those pictures on Pinterest.

  2. Jean - did you write up all those decriptions of bulbs and perennials? That's a book!

  3. Not a book Margaret, too much of the information is from Cooperative Extension sites, fair use for an educational site but not for the new site that has advertising placed on occasion by the server because I do not pay.

    On the new site I will use the old photos with short bursts of new babble by me once everything gets moved. There is more than I realized.

  4. You need to save it somehow. Not sure what would be the easiest or best way, but you have so much there that you won't want to lose. Good luck with the moving of it.

  5. Do what you must.
    Save what you can.
    But above all - don't stress yourself.
    Stay on the current and move along to the future.
    There is no point looking at the past and nothing much can be done about it - adding more stress to you.

    Sorry to say this but this is the reality of this technology.
    In a moment all is gone - either hacked or stolen or hit by a virus.
    Some bloggers had lost their whole blog from the system.
    Its always safe to have a hard copy of what you have done for your own pleasure.

    I hope you can salvage whatever that you find important from your past blog write-up.

  6. I will be reading today.

    What a shame to loose all of it.

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