Friday, November 22, 2013

Late-Season Butterflies

About two weeks ago, I caught another glimpse of a Zebra Longwing butterfly, gone when I returned with a camera. It happened again today. Susie told me there were many at the Butterfly Garden at the Plantation. These late Zebras have greenish stripes on black.

A Skipper marked the place where the Zebra Longwing left.

We still have Gulf Fritillaries and Sulphurs on Pentas protected
from the recent frost.

Cloudless Sulphur 

My goal is to capture a Sulphur as it flutters open its wings. 
This was close.

Another tattered Skipper, Cherry showed one too.

Late blooming Gerbera daisy, too pretty not to share, with Liriope berries.

Zebra Longwing post from July


  1. Loved seeing your lovely pictures of flowers and butterflies! Am missing them here. I am in Missouri, yesterday there was a cold rain all day, and today we had gray skies, and it was cold and damp. I tried to make the best of it by making baked chicken and a pumpkin spice cake. Dreary as it was outside, it sure smelled good in here.

  2. It has been so warm here that those sulphur butterflies laid eggs on the leaves of my cabbage and kale. I was SO unhappy to see those little caterpillars on the undersides of the leaves. We haven't even had a first frost yet!

  3. Hello - your butterflies are lovely and it is always special seeing them late in season. It's been a good butterfly year in my part of the world, such a relief after last year when the wet weather did so much damage.

  4. How lucky you are to still have butterflies in the garden, I already miss them!

  5. Jean, about the only butterflies we had this summer were the sulfurs...but they never bothered anything the in the garden!

    We are very cold here now. I left my poor turnips in the ground and I suppose they are quite "done" now.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. I just discovered your lovely page!
    How I wish you had a 'follow' button or an email subscription option. Blogger offers this option for free, if you wish to add it, to my delight, you will find it under your setting options.
    Infinite blessings.


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