Thursday, November 14, 2013

Melancholy Bloom Day

The expected freeze happened on Wednesday night, just enough frost to blacken things like Brugmansias, Daturas and Periwinkles in open ground. I pulled many things like Melampodium in anticipation so I wouldn't have to see dead plants..

Hearty Camellia sasanqua is not affected that much, still heavy with white blossoms. Freezing temperatures were for a short time and only one night, so we bravely soldier on.

I made no photos. A lone Kniphofia blossom is still bright orange, Duranta's purple blossoms are unhurt but nothing exciting enough to display.

I clipped some outer Black Kale leaves after the frost. Sliced and sauteed and added to potato soup they were special.

I am not linking to Bloom Day this month.The greenhouse has blooming white wax begonias and Schlumbergera buds. Two of three Amaryllis bulbs bloomed. They were not what I ordered.

Maybe next month.


  1. I'm sure you have things posting?

  2. I do have things blooming: lavender Lantana, Duranta, Pentas here and there that were protected from frost and of course the big white Camellia, but nothing worth putting a post together just to say "I got blooms."

  3. How frustrating to have different plants than what you ordered. It's always a bit discouraging to see what a freeze can do to a garden. Thank goodness for camellias!

  4. I sense how discouraged you are to have frost knock down so much of your garden. Trust me, I feel your pain and then some, living in Ohio. But I guess I do enjoy the rest over the winter, so there is that!

  5. It is sad to see the blooms go. Winter has its own blessings, though we may have to search for them with our coats on!

  6. I never regret the frost; it means I don't have things piling up outside that need my attention.
    I am getting lazy in my later years.


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