Sunday, December 22, 2013

Blooming in Unseasonal Christmas Season Weather

We had temperatures near 80º today. I keep expecting a storm with high winds related to unseasonal temperatures.  Rain is expected tonight with a low of 68º ending tomorrow with a low tomorrow night of 38º which is a preciptious drop. Tuesday night is predicted a freeze with a Sunny Christmas to follow.

The warm days of late brought out blooms:

 Gerbera Daisies

Persian Shield blooming is rarely seen in the garden. Usually frost takes out the plants before blooms appear. Short day blooms, we usually see them in the greenhouse in late winter.

Pentas that frost didn't kill. Yet. Many of the Pentas plants are already killed to the ground.

I see an occasional butterfly, sulfurs or a Gulf Frit. Lantana is mostly the attraction, blooming in areas under pines where frost has not touched it..
Lantana montevidensis on the steps to the Upper Garden.

 Camellia season is starting.
 White Camellias are my favorite.

'Mathotiana' Camellia Japonica. Formal form with a stunning color.

After Christmas Eve, every blossom will be brown. A few warm days and we'll have blooms again.


  1. So lovely to see blooms at Christmas - outdoors!

  2. Dear Jean ~ You have some lovely blooms this Christmas. It's hard to believe you up there in GA are having such warm temps. We are too, but further south in s.e. FL.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2014.


  3. Very special! Each year on the solstice or Christmas, during the shortest days of the year, I go outside to see what's blooming and feel fortunate to live in a climate that has both seasons and winters mild enough to allow some blooms even at the darkest time of year!

  4. I think your temperatures are even more variable than ours in southern California. We're expected mid-70s for Christmas day but we're not as cold at night, thank goodness - no frost! Merry Christmas!


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