Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Foraging for Christmas Dinner

I gathered black Kale and Cabbage from my Cabbage patch and cut what few Broccoli Florets remain.

I forgot to make pictures before I cut the Kale. What remains is old tough leaves which help new tender leaves to grow. Cabbages are heading.

I cut this one, or a similar one. Cabbages look pretty much alike. The one I cut had the firmest head, plenty of cabbage for Christmas dinner.

Someone gave us a smoked Boston butt, so we'll have barbecue and stew. And Cabbage.

Merry Christmas to all and very Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.


  1. Ah, as we're "buried" under 1/4" of ice and 4" of snow, the photos of your cabbage and kale look particularly luscious! Sounds like you'll have a delicious dinner tomorrow.

  2. The cabbages look beautiful. Dinner sounds very good. I love barbecue.
    Kale is something I can't really say I am crazy about; I need to give it another change I guess.

    We still had some snow and ice on for Christmas.

  3. Happy New Year to you too!....I hope it will be as magnificent as it was last year....


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