Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frozen Bright Spots

There are a number of Scandinavian blogs that I keep in my reader. Especially at Christmas they have so many wonderful ideas, like those woven hearts that are little baskets.

It was from one of them that I got the idea to put Graptopetalum in each single potted Hyacinth. She used a succulent; I used what I had rooted.

Today I scooped up some very fine bright green moss from the joint between the garage floor and the driveway to put in the pot with four Hyacinths bulbs. Then I found Hyacinths with Sedum acre growing in a Swedish blog. I have lots of that and Hyacinths already potted in 3s and 4s that can use companions.

I've saved bits of lichen and twigs, brown paper that came in shipping boxes as filler, and balls of twine are at the ready.

I depend on Google translate to really understand the text and sometimes It takes me a moment to figure out what is happening. Today Claus Dalby mentioned Frozen Bright Spots, with a link to Anne of Mosseplassen in Norway where I found beautiful ice candleholders that Claus calls islygter.  Beautiful torches made with balloons, flowers frozen in water and other wonderful shapes, all with a candle in the center  brighten the long nights of winter solstice.

I will make do with shades from multi-light fixtures, collected from thrift stores in previous years. I was surprised when I opened boxes and found more shades than I remembered having. Light shades sit in saucers, or tuna fish cans, or coasters, with a tea light. We used to call them 'Nigella's Lights' in honor of the Garden Web member who thought of them. My new name is Frozen Bright Spots despite a lack of ice.

 Twinkle lights in the grapevine that disguises something in the
greenhouse. I'm leaving them on instead of having a lighted tree.


  1. It's so interesting that we can get inspiration from all over the world these days - and that we often can use the same plants! The candleholders you mentioned, with flowers, etc., frozen in ice sound quite beautiful.

  2. I like the tiny lights in the greenhouse; very pretty.


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