Saturday, December 28, 2013

Seedscattering 2013 in Review

My favorite part of blogging is looking back to previous seasons. Sometimes I ask myself, "Was that really my garden?" In winter, it's hard to remember just what blousy blossoms grow in Spring in the Coastal South.
Winter has Camellias and Tea Olive for 
beautiful blooms and marvelous scent.

We have Evergreens and we have Camellia blooms and an occasional brave Gerbera Daisy but never such lushness as is seen in Spring and Summer.

Spring brings daffodils and other delightful bulbs, here with California Poppies.

From late spring through the summer, my favorite rose is Belinda's Dream, among others.

Agapanthus and a Butterfly, May.
I planted Agapanthus seeds. So far there's one tiny seedling, 

Larkspur disguises ripening spring daffodil foliage.
Oakleaf hydrangea in the distance.
Gulf Muhly grasses emerging from roots.
The box and wisteria at upper left, taken out.

My biggest spring project was to prune Camellias into trees.
In late fall, I transplanted some suckers, with mild success.
I planted out two-year seedling Camellias, none more than 6" tall.

2013 was a year for editing, and I'm still considering plants and shrubs that may go.

In July, I pruned Gardenias waist-high so they wouldn't hide Spring's Azalea show.
They grew back more quickly than I expected; Azaleas will once again hide behind a wall of green.

Crinum lily Jagus, fragrance of vanilla.
A good year for true Lilies; Orania was quite spectacular.

Lycoris squamagera with coordinating Daylily, Byzantine Emperor.

Brugmansias and Daturas have delicious nighttime fragrance. Tithonia attracted butterflies along with Lantana, Pentas and Porterweed.
First time in years to see a Zebra Longwing here.

Crape Myrtle and Salvia Leucantha -- 
colors of Autumn

Camellias bloom from late November through Winter and Spring until the weather warms. Summer pruning had no effect on bloom.
White Camellias, my favorite. No fragrance.
At the opposite time of year, June's Gardenias take your breath away with their sweet smell.

Have  you reviewed your 2013 Garden?


  1. I enjoyed seeing how 2013 went in your garden, and funny how so many of us gardeners think the same way this time of year. I've recently done my own year in review post! Hope 2014 is just as lovely!

  2. The review was wonderful. I love the picture of the butterfly on the agapanthus.

    I don't organize my pictures well enough to do a good review. That should be a goal for 2014.

  3. Yes, Nel Jean, I reviewed my 2013 garden and like you I asked, "was that really mine?" I love your agapanthus and wish I could grow it here. Happy New Year! P. x

  4. My organizational scheme doesn't facilitate an easy annual review. That's clearly something to think about when compiling my 2014 pics.


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