Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Beautiful Day with Daffodils and Blossoms

Daddy Mack always said that when the temperature reached 70 degrees you could go outside without a coat. At 70" here today you could go in short sleeves. I pruned dead shrubbery and then I made pictures.

Crape Myrtles need little pruning. I got rid of Duranta tops.
The first Daffodil appeared.

Actually there are two and more foliage indicating that we can expect more. Jonquila foliage appeared in the Upper Garden. I hope we have a long Bulb season. Somebody's been digging in the Tulip bed.

Deciduous Magnolias can hardly wait for spring. 
A few tentative blooms open at every warm spell.

Magnolia loebneri 'Leonard Messel'

Seedling Camellia 
It took about fifteen years for it to reach this size. 

It looks a lot like a popular cultivar but it is just a seedling.
Do you believe that I planted five new seedlings this year?
They are 6 inches tall. I may not live to see blooms.


  1. I had no idea it took that long for a seedling Camellia to reach that size. Well worth the wait though. I'm sure whoever inherits your garden will appreciate the new seedlings with great delight.

    Love that Magnolia flower. That's not something we see here in the north, but I just saw some stunning Mangolia blooms down in Brissie last week. Love that first Daffodil too.

  2. I love the looks of daffodils although we don't have them in the tropics. At least i have hippeastrum. Magnolias here only thrive in a very few highlands we have, which has the subtropical climate. There they are having frosts too at the moment, the lowest they got so far is 10C.

  3. Daffodil blooms already! Mine have poked their heads up but I have no blooms yet, even though some agapanthus and daylilies have shown up ahead of schedule.

  4. Fantastic..I have seen some signs of my daffodils and tulips but only slight given that I put well over 100 in the ground. I wonder if the short burst of cold will spark them..I am not optimistic. I remember you talking about tulips last season...but no real sign of daffodils..think I have done them wrong..the camellias are budding but not bloomed....I think I have a long way to go before getting them right.

  5. Bernie, it takes anywhere from about 4 to 10 years to see much bloom from a seedling Camellia but worth the wait.

    Janie, the daffodils that might bloom now are always from previous years. Any bulbs planted last fall will be a while. They have to make roots first. Don't worry, they know when to come out. The few that bloom early are just to let us know they're there.

    Camellias have different times to produce blooms, too. The whites opened some blooms early and were burned in the freeze, and only a couple of others have flowers. The rest are holding back tight buds.

  6. Oh, Kris! My Agapanthus leaves are toast after the recent hard freeze. Last year's mild winter had left them in such good shape. I'm hopeful they return from the roots. Some hyacinths bravely opened before the freeze and they're toast too.


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