Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bloom Day January Does Bloom

Last week was a tragedy but plants in the Coastal South recover amazingly well.

Camellia Seedling

Camellias get frost-bitten, fall off and more appear.
These may be toast tomorrow night if predicted freeze comes.

Magnolia loebneri 'Leonard Messel' bloom.
We get scattered blooms until the spring show.

This brave Gerbera Daisy didn't give up despite the
blackened foliage on the left.

Tea Olive Osmanthus fragrans
Last week's cold-killed blooms and this week's live ones.

Narcissus is tough.

A brave early Daffodil.

To see what's blooming in my greenhouse go here.

Bloom Day is sponsored by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Well done to those brave souls that are trying to bloom in spite of the freezing cold.

  2. Wow Jean you've got quite a lot blooming in spite of freezing temps you've had.

    Enjoy these early glimpses of spring.


  3. You have some lovely things in bloom. I was looking at my M. Leonard Messel this morning- still tight little buds. How wonderful to have it coming into bloom so early. Does frost spoil the flowers?
    Lovely things in your greenhouse too.

  4. Thanks for the spring preview. It will be a while before we can enjoy spring flowers here in chilly Connecticut.

  5. I hope you manage to avoid another freeze. Your post reminded me that I need to find myself an Osmanthus - I miss that fragrance in our "new" garden.

  6. Lovely to see your Camellia and Magnolia flowering, still too early here in England. It's so sad to see flowers cut back by frost, I hope it gets warmer for you soon.

  7. How nice to have blooms both indoors and out. I can't believe you have Magnolias starting to bloom! I took a look at your greenhouse blog and noticed the Shrimp Plant. I remember seeing one at the New Orleans Botanical Garden--what a fun plant. Happy Bloom Day!

  8. The camellias here are not quite ready. At the museum where they have old, established, and many varieties very few were blooming. Yesterday, many started to open up. It's a wonderful sight.

  9. It must be so wonderful to have blooms in January! We are still covered in snow, and about to get yet another arctic blast. Sigh...


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