Friday, January 3, 2014

Crackpots and Leftover Vases

More than a decade ago, Garden Totems were the rage. I was criticized on a garden forum for using what looked like a valuable collectible in one of my totems. She didn't see the big crack on the side not visible.

I ran across these in the garden behind some shrubbery the other day, still together, still fun.


My New Year's vow is to use things I've saved, some for fifty years in new and delightful ways.

We started this week by eating dinner on Spode Blue Room collectible plates. There's never been room to hang them on a wall without discarding something else, so we are using them every day this year. Last night we ate off Woodman and Girl at the Well; tonight was Botanical and Willow. I fix our plates and tell He Who Mows it's the blue plate special and he says it looks good, a sweet potato on a Spode plate.

We keep giving discarded metal to the Scrap Man to take to the recycler; there seems to be no end of it. He Who Mows pulled old fence wire out of woods' edge that I never knew exisited and loaded it on Scrap Man's trailer.

These are not to go to the recycler if I can find a use for them:

Pump jack, here forever. A fun piece, what do I do with it?

 Leaky Birdbath with faux water does not fool a bird.


  1. Oh, I love the old gate with the fleur de lis toppers. The leaky birdbath is cool too. I remember totems! The very first ones I made were inspired by seeing yours.

  2. Leaky birdbath? It's a treasure! Can you plant it with succulents? It has drainage!

  3. I had forgotten about the totems.

    I am betting you will figure a very creative way to use those interesting items. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    I also like the idea of succulents but I bet you could seal the birdbath if you need another one.


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