Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dove Shoot

There was a Dove Shoot in a field just north of our house today.

Hunters were stationed at various blinds set up around the field.

I made videos, most of which were discarded. Last word on the tripod we thought to order on December 20 was that it had left Atlanta on January 2 bound for Memphis. Why Memphis? Ask the USPS. I can't hold a camera that still, so much of the action is shake rather than ordinary movement.

 The Shoot  and Working Dogs 

Watch for the white dog and the black dog who retrieve the birds, the best part of the show.

Doves in Flight

You must watch the first seconds very closely to see the doves, then there's another glimpse as I try to get control of the camera. This is a very short film. Birds don't wait around when shooting starts.

Dog and Hunter leaving field.

The hunt was over at this point, except for picking up birds and equipment and the usual Hunters' goodbyes.

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