Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Enough of the business of cold and freezes. When I go outside, I look to see what's toast and what isn't.
Last winter there was a Duranta with scant protection from pine trees to the north of it that managed to stay green through the whole mild winter.

It looked like this mid-May of 2013; identical shrubs killed 
back to the roots were about 18 inches tall, no blooms. 

In November of 2013 we still had blooms and golden berries.
All the Durantas were still green until Sunday night. 
You may know this plant as Pigeon Berry or Golden Dewdrop.
I read that deer browse them, berries first. Not here that I noticed.
Durantas are frequently visited by butterflies and sometimes a hummingbird. 

If  you can grow Esperanza Tecoma stans and Plumbago, you can grow Duranta.erecta as a tall summer annual or shrubby perennial depending upon the severity of winter temperatures and as an annual in zones cooler than zone 8b.

In 2011 I took cuttings to keep through the winter. 
Making a note to do that again next fall. 

I made a conscious decision to keep white and red begonias this winter, not pink. Why?
When I review previous years' pics I find many things I wish I'd potted for winter. 
Do you do that?


  1. I am too lazy to pot for winter; I even left out my large rosemary shrub and lemon thyme. I know I will be sorry when spring comes and they are both goners.

    I hope I remember to buy begonias. They give so much bloom all season.
    I planted a flat for my MIL and they were spectacular. Of course she ruined the effect when she had to plant some around the base of the barrel that did not compliment the other colors....she is not a gardener.

  2. Hello Jean Happy New Year. You were ahead of some in finishing this winter, i guess some countries are still at the height of it. We have that durante here too, in my garden and at the moment it is already preparing for the dry season. It has a wide range of temperature tolerance. It is one of the few which provides food for our butterflies during the summer months.

  3. This is the third winter I snipped pieces of strobilanthes. I did the same with some coleus, but this year I have a new variety, and it does not like the indoor winter. Wish I got some pineapple sage - I think the record cold might have won.


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