Monday, January 6, 2014

Hard Freeze

We had such a mild winter last year. Every year is different. The 'Artic Hurricane' sends some unusual temperatures our way. Not nearly as cold as Atlanta, certainly not like the states with single digit temperatures, but we keenly feel the cold.

 Just last week there were Gerbera Daisies blooming outside. The cold will kill them back to the roots. I have only one in a pot in the greenhouse. They grow easily from seed.

Last week there were Persian Shield blossoms outdoors, too. They are day-length sensitive. I am afraid the cold may totally kill the plants. I have new plants rooted.

I went out and said goodbye to the Gingers this morning.
Shell Gingers and Cardamon Gingers kept their foliage last winter.

Cabbages are wrapped in some polyester material in which chairs we bought were wrapped. It looked a lot like row cover, so I improvised. Just beginning to head, these were still young for cutting and storing, so I'm taking a chance that we can keep them. 

I am anxious about what happens in the greenhouse. Monitoring the temperatures closely as they drop.


  1. It'll be interesting to see how low the temperature gets in your greenhouse. It's unheated, right?

  2. It isn't unheated. There are two small electric heaters running on low. Up to now, we've been fortunate to keep a 7 degree difference between inside and outside. Before I go to bed I will go out and make adjustments to keep the greenhouse above freezing. I hope.

    I think you call this a 'cool' greenhouse since I only keep things from freezing, not warm enough for tender tropicals.

    Right this moment it is 40.6 in the GH and outside is 33.2. By 6am the outside temp is supposed to dip to 20 degrees. The sun will be up by 7:30. Tomorrow's high is predicted low 30s. The sun can make 30 degrees difference midday.

  3. Good luck with your upcoming freeze!

  4. Interested in seeing Gerbara still blooming outdoors in your garden recently. I see some advertised in the UK as being fully hardy, never felt convinced. I think I may give them a try now that we have moved further south.

  5. I needed all the luck I could get, Outlaw. The low that we saw was 23 degrees just before daybreak. The greenhouse stayed above freezing.

    Alistair, I haven't been out to look at the Gerberas but they are historically root hardy in zone 7 when I had them in Atlanta. Here, they die back after a hard freeze. I suspect that the hardier ones are closer to the species.

  6. I thought of you this morning when I heard the Atlanta temperature....I hope the greenhouse plants survive.
    Have you heard about some using insulated (sort of a bubble wrap)pool covers over their greenhouses?

    We got down to -9° last night and it is a whopping +9 now.

  7. I've seen posts about using bubble wrap, Glenda. I've put bubble wrap on the north wall behind big potted plants before, but never a covered a whole wall.

    I've also considered insulating the north wall with styrofoam board.

  8. Your flowers are beautiful. I have very few things flowering..probably out my laziness. I was reading the farmers almanac in December where it read we were going to have a colder winter. Given that it was in the 70
    s at the time I disagreed. Now, recalling the winter officially starts on Dec 20 and we have record thoughts have changed on the matter.


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