Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Mix

Yesterday and today were cold miserable days in the South. We were luckier than most Georgians. Precipitation here was what the NOAA calls 'Acretion' which is just frozen bits attracting more liquid and freezing all together before they hit the ground. There was hardly enough to cover the ground.

Temperatures have hovered just below freezing all day.

The Greenhouse has blooms.

Soon we'll have an Amaryllis blooming in the house,
and orchids too.

Everybody we hear from is staying inside and trying to keep warm. 


  1. That's what we call snow up north! lol

  2. It isn't fluffy like snow, it's little frozen sleet. Hanging around here longer than I'd like. The old folks used to say, "Snow stays on the ground 3 days it will snow again."


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