Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Weeds, Wildflowers and Scattered Seeds

About the best thing to be said about winter weeds is that they are green. Oh, and they provide nectar for the occasional butterfly that happens by on a warm day. I stopped pulling Henbit Lamium ampliexicaule
because I saw early butterflies enjoying it.

 Very first Larkspur I've noticed from seeds scattered in December.
Chickweed surrounds it.

Yellow Corydalis, a wilding and a bit of Chickweed.

More Corydalis; Verbena bonairensis upper left. 

Poppies and wilted foliage of daylily. Not sure if I scattered 
these poppies or they just appeared from last year.

California Poppies. When the hard freeze came, they may have
wished they'd stayed in California. They like our springs.

California Poppies and Chickweed.

The photos are the things I saw on Sunday. 

Today I went to check on the area where the petunias volunteered last spring. It's too early for Petunias but there were other delights to see and a number of weeds. I pulled all the Bittercress I saw because it has already started to put on little blooms and that artillery-like seed pod will appear quickly. I leave Chickweed because hot sun will take it out when Spring comes. There are several different cudweeds. I never pull all of them because certain butterflies use them as host plants. I counted 5 Rose Campion plants. The Sweet Williams I set out last spring thinking they were Nigella have persisted. They are next the drive so I can mark them for the mower to miss and I hope Petunias will magically appear again.

Around the area of the Cabbage Patch and Blueberry Bushes, there are many dandelions that need evicting. Dandelions need a sharp instrument that can slide down and get the whole long carrot-like root. I pulled one huge Red Sorrel. Sorrel is one of those things I often overlook thinking it might be 'something' -- and it is. You may frequently see photos of whole fields of the red seeds of Sorrel in Spring. A nuisance is what it is. 

Today was a good day for Stick Patrol. Many limbs and twigs fell during recent winds. It was sunny until mid-afternnon. Before dusk we had rain. I hope the bulbs I planted at the end of December are making good roots. I haven't seen any poppies from the seeds I scattered over them, yet. 

Another freeze is coming in a day or two.  


  1. I did Douglas fir cone patrol. We had lots of wind over the weekend, and they came down in buckets. I have lots of twigs too, they're next on the cleanup list, along with my Bittercress (we also call it shotweed, because of the seeds) and chickweed. I have a lot of henbit in one bed in the back, but I'm going to pull it all out before it flowers. January isn't even half over and I already feel like I'm behind.

  2. You can always count on chickweed! I have something that may be a lamium that is near evergreen even after our -14°. I am hoping for petunias this year too from my Laura Bush.


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